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    TESSCO Industrial Services Safety

    Committed to Safety

    The electrical industry can be considered a high risk industry. At TESSCO, we know that risks are effectively managed through our extensive training, education, safe work procedures and commitment and follow through from our entire team.

    TESSCO’s effective management of worker safety and health protection is a major factor in the reduction of the number and severity of work related injuries and illnesses.

    Safety is a Team Effort!

    At TESSCO, safety plays a vital role in our company. With our qualified instructors on staff, and other pertinent resources available, we ensure that our employees receive very effective, up to date training in all required areas.

    Safety Department

    PLH Group COVID-19 Response

    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered our daily lives. But one thing that remains unchanged by the novel coronavirus is PLH Group’s commitment to our customers, employees and communities that we serve.

    PLH Group and our 11 entities continue to focus on delivering energy-related construction services that are essential to the health and safety of communities across North America. We have teams maintaining and expanding power line and pipeline infrastructure and others providing emergency response in areas devastated by disaster. PLH Group and its entities ensure that our workers – regardless of location or scope of work – utilize appropriate protective equipment and follow local, federal, and industry-specific best practices to minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19, including those of the CDC and OSHA. These practices include performing regular worksite cleaning and sanitizing, practicing good personal hygiene, maintaining social distancing, wearing recommended and necessary PPE, and assuring each employee is fit for duty prior to commencing work.

    Our leaders constantly monitor developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, and work closely with our customers and subcontractors to ensure the safety of all workers on site. When necessary, we will adjust our work processes to ensure our people, those we work with, and the communities we serve are safe.

    Despite impacts of the COVID-19, PLH Group continues to prioritize integrity, quality, and safety.

    For specific questions about PLH Group’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please email Elsie Bentley, Vice President of Safety, Health & Environment at ebentley@plhgroupinc.com

    Safety Department

    Safety Certifications

    Safety Team

    Our safety certifications include the following:

    • Forklift Instructors
    • Safety and Health Specialist
    • American Red Cross Trainers
    • SafeLand Trainers
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Digger Derrick Trainers
    • Fall Arrest Systems Instructors
    • DOT Specimen Collectors for Drug Testing
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Trainers
    • Underground Facility Damage Prevention Instructors
    • Bucket Truck & Bucket Truck Rescue Trainers

    Elsie Bentley—HSE Director

    Phone: 432-682-1991

    Larry Bass—HSE Coordinator

    Phone: 432-523-4683

    Gerardo Valenzuela—HSE Coordinator

    Phone: 432-523-4683

    Glenn Golnick—HSE Coordinator

    Phone: 432-523-4683

    Charley Ferbrache—HSE Coordinator

    Phone: 432-523-4683